We have three lakes for you to choose from which can be booked either individually or in any combination


Coarse Lake

The Coarse Lake is 1.5 acres and well stocked with carp (up to 21 lbs) and coarse fish such as bream, tench, roach, rudd and black bass.


Specimen Lake

Specimen Lake is a beautiful 7 acre carp lake stocked with carp which range from upper-doubles to 50 lbs plus and include commons, mirrors, linear mirrors, fully plated mirrors and leathers.  For the cat-fish boys there are cats to 81 lbs plus.  A maximum of 6 anglers are allowed.


Jungle Lake

Jungle Lake has plenty of carp in the 10 - 30+lbs range. The lake also contains some tench to 4lbs and black bass.  It is 1.5 acres and the ideal number of anglers on the lake is two or three.