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  1. Beware "We're back!"
    Not sure how many times we've stayed here but it's not been for four years! The place is just as fantastic as we remember it and Nikki & Greg perfect hosts as always.
    Loads of carp to 36.5lbs including 3 x 30lbs+ commons, biggest 36lbs 2oz.
    Food package on the Spec Lake was just amazing, thanks Nikki x
    Great holiday, loved every minute.
    Certainly won't be another 4 years until we're back.
    Keith, Lorna, Kayleigh & Brenda, Roy & Rob

    (Posted on 2017-09-03 12:45:00 by Keith, Lorna, Kayleigh & Roy, Brenda & Rob (19th Aug - 2nd Sept))
  2. Thanks Greg & Nikki for another great holiday.
    Everyone had great fishing results & Nikki a big thanks for our curry night, you make a mean onion bhaji and could we please book a re-inforced chair "ha, ha, ha" for next year x
    Iain, Si, Debs, Eddie & Lynn

    (Posted on 2017-08-23 13:06:00 by Iain, Si & Debs, Eddie & Lynn (5th - 19th August 2017))
  3. Thank you for an excellent weeks fishing had 10 carp all between 20lb and 40lb 1 pike at 14lb would fully recommend this lake .Greg and and Nikki brillant hosts couldnt do another to help you. Greg loves the banter the banter .Nikki's food package is pukka always left you with a food belly.Hope to see you next year

    (Posted on 2017-08-06 12:32:00 by barry lane)
  4. Thank you for a wonderful week!
    Fishing for the boys, sun, markets, lakes & vino for the ladies. Swimming and animal feeding for the children - Perfect for all!
    Thank you x

    (Posted on 2017-08-06 06:55:00 by Justin & Sam, Ronnie & Sarah, Drew & Liv (29th Jul - 5th Aug))
  5. Had another lovely stay, Greg & Nikki are extremely friendly and welcoming, our youngest brought a friend this time and they made her feel very welcome.

    We've been coming since 2012 and wouldn't go anywhere else in France for fishing.

    Thank you x
    Gary, Sonia, Katie & Izzy

    (Posted on 2017-07-29 08:58:00 by Gary, Sonia, Katie & Izzy (22nd - 29th July 2017))
  6. Great fishing - best ever according to George and lovely accommodation (gite).
    Great food, chocolate brownies are exceptional!
    Lovely warm welcome and thanks to Greg too for the fishing tips.
    George & Sarah

    (Posted on 2017-07-02 12:15:00 by George & Sarah (24th June - 1st July 2017))
  7. Had a great week, good fishing with the best being 38lbs.
    Good weather and accommodation.
    All in all, a good trip,

    Wayne, Rich & Neil

    (Posted on 2017-06-17 11:16:00 by Wayne, Neil & Rich (10th - 17th June 2017))
  8. A wonderful week, fishing excellent - biggest 35.5lbs
    Weather good - dry and sunny
    Food amazing!
    Look forward to returning next year.
    Thanks so much for a lovely holiday
    'The Lancs'

    (Posted on 2017-04-10 09:30:00 by David & Theresa Lancaster (3rd - 7th April 2017))
  9. 24/9/16 to 1/10/16 The weather was hot may be just a little too hot, little to no fish comming out in the day time. I was in a party of 4 sadly one returned home early because he wasn't well Greg even transported him to the airport. A 40 came out top of my head about 10 30lb's one of them being mine at 38lb a hand full of 20's and a few 10-15 lbs I got tug off by a CAT just managed to see it's whiskers (what do you expext of 15 lb line with a cat) I also lost one or two maily because of some blanket weed, the carp know how to use it best.

    The best part of this fishing trip for me was the Food, Nikki is a super Cook. I fished a few places in France and would like to transport her to them to show them how to do a Food package, everything was freshly baked or cooked helps that the have their own chickens and bees up at their house having an allotment myself with Chicks and bee it was like being home from home, nothing beats a fresh egg in the morning.

    They also read my Just giving page and sent me this...

    .We looked at your fundraising link for Claire's house, and if it's not too late we would like to donate a prize for your raffle. We will give a one week fishing holiday for two fishermen on the Specimen Lake, Drive & Survive, to be taken before the end of 2017.

    Which I would like to thank them so much for

    Steve Quayle
    Sponsor me now

    (Posted on 2016-10-05 21:35:00 by Steve Quayle)
  10. Great welcome from Nikki & Greg, the gite is better than pics, the view is stunning. The swimming pool is a great addition, the family loved it.
    Fishing gite lake too easy, you can catch all day - kids, wife & girlfriends can have fun on this lake.
    The towns and villages are all worth a visit. The Specimen Lake proved hard for us but did manage a few 30s and a couple of 20s.
    Great family holiday.
    Dennis, Viv, Ashley & Laura, & Sven

    (Posted on 2016-08-06 11:32:00 by Dennis, Viv, Ashley, Laura & Sven (23rd July - 6th Aug))
  11. Awesome stay again!
    Gite Lake fished very well, all methods catch but my favourite method was waggler, 16 hook and treble maggot. You never know what you'll get - skimmer, 2lb bream or double figure carp.
    Great places to visit: Chateau Commarque, Tourtoirac Grotto, Vessuna Roman Villa, Sarlat, St Emilion, St Foy La Grande market.
    Nikki & Greg are great hosts.
    We weren't affected by any of the fuel or weather problems that have been reported recently on the TV, they are all much further up north :)
    Mez & Debbie
    High River, Alberta, Canada

    (Posted on 2016-06-04 08:23:00 by Mez & Debbie (21st May - 4th June 2016))
  12. More than one third of the days fished have been Red Letter Days producing a PB Common of 42lb 6oz, plus another of 42lb 5oz, a PB Mirror of 42lb 7oz, plus another of 41lb 12oz and a Catfish of 70lb 14oz. Plus of course regular catches of carp in the 20-30lb+ range.

    So thank you very much and we are looking forward to the 2016 season already at Marvellous Martins’ Lakes.

    Best Wishes

    Dennis & Linda

    (Posted on 2015-10-05 18:50:00 by Dennis & Linda (summer 2015))
  13. Re: 05/09/15 to 12/09/15
    Fished the Jungle Lake which was AWESOME, had around 40 fish for my week and most were in the double figures
    Greg was very helpful and always willing to give some great advice, meals provided by Nikki were first class, they both made me feel very welcome
    Many Thanks

    (Posted on 2015-10-05 06:54:00 by John Robertson)
  14. Fantastic stay, loads to do, visit to St Emilion lovely.
    Fishing in Specimen Lake was good, didn't catch any of the bigger ones, biggest was 31lbs.
    Greg & Nikki were very helpful and some great advice, until next time!

    (Posted on 2015-09-27 11:21:00 by Wes & Hayley (19 - 26th Sept 2015))
  15. This is our third visit in four years and we were as delighted with this visit as our first.
    Nikki & Greg's hospitality has forged a close relationship which is valued by us all. Each time we come, we are reminded how very relaxing we find Martins' Lakes and leave with our batteries re-charged!
    The fish once again have proved plentiful on the Gite Lake; the Specimen Lake, as expected, offered good sport with the best catch this trip being a 35lbs 12oz carp. Greg's unwavering enthusiasm and support are valued greatly.
    Thank you so much for making our holidays so successful, and we wish you and your family continued success.
    Dave, Joan, Brian & Joyce

    (Posted on 2015-08-20 15:24:00 by Dave & Joan, Brian & Joyce ( 8th - 20th Aug 2015))
  16. What a place! An angler's Eldorado.
    The view from the terrace is amazing, the wildlife - always something to see. The pool is so refreshing after the hot days!
    I have fished for 55 years and on an evening session produced a bite every single cast - never done that before, been close, but was magic.
    Also had a day on the Specimen Lake - first serious carp expedition, had 7 fish - 24.5, 16.00, 34.00, 19.00, 20.5, 21.5 & 26.5lbs. My previous PB of 18.5lbs was obliterated!
    Thank you for a fabulous week!!
    Allan, Julie & 3 daughters

    (Posted on 2015-08-08 12:52:00 by Allan, Julie & family (1 - 8 Aug 2015))
  17. Fantastic holiday, this place has it all - great views, amazing gite, lovely pool and the fishing is unbelievable. I beat my personal best four times and had fish on Specimen Lake from 13lbs up to 39lbs. Before this holiday, my pb was 14lbs but I don't think I would have had as many fish if it wasn't for Greg's advice and the coaching he gave me was invaluable.
    Best advice I could give anyone, it to take a few hours lessons with Greg to get you on the right track.
    Places we visited included St Emilion which is a lovely place, especially if you like wine! Aubeterre is also worth a visit and Lake Jemaye was also lovely, as was Bergerac.
    Wildlife here is also fantastic - deer in the garden which the kids loved watching.
    Shaun, Lianne, Jake & Ben

    (Posted on 2015-08-01 11:44:00 by Shaun, Lianne, Jake & Ben (18th July - 1st August))
  18. The gite lake is great, fish caught every cast, it was nice sometimes to just throw dog biscuit into the water and watch the fish come up close. Fantastic to either sit or walk round the lake, it was so peaceful.
    Specimen Lake was amazing, both day and night, no way could you fish 3 rods (it felt like they were just jumping onto the hook). The biggest carp I had was 43lbs & put up a really big fight.
    The gite is outstanding, it is like home from home, with everything you need. Outside is wonderful, the outbuildings are a sight to behold. Sitting in the shade or in the pool, you can enjoy the scenic setting and sometimes watch a deer.
    At night, it is so perfect with no lighting spoiling the sky, you can enjoy looking up at the stars.
    As for Greg & Nikki, thank you for making us feel so welcome. You both are such perfect hosts, you could not do anymore to make our stay so memorable.
    We have had such a good time, we have already booked for next year, but this time for two weeks, one week was not enough.
    All the best to you both and good luck, looking forward to seeing you again next year, only another 51 weeks and counting!
    Clayton, Angela, Steven & Giosia

    (Posted on 2015-07-10 08:59:00 by Clayton Guest & family (27 June - 4 July))
  19. A week of glorious sunshine for us ladies, rest and recreation with a few litres of wine thrown in.
    Beautiful gite and surroundings, I wish I hadn't scared the boar, I would have liked to have seen him again! Shirley
    The most relaxing holiday for as long as I can remember, sunshine, sunbathing, dipping in the pool and a cheeky little carp to boot! Lisa
    What an amazing week!! Your lakes & gite are beautiful, we will be back next year for cats and 40+ carp. Howard
    Great weather, great fishing and great hosts. Unbelievable pbs on the carp front!!! Will be back next year. Terry

    (Posted on 2015-06-27 08:42:00 by Shirley, Terry, Howard & Lisa (20 - 26 June 2015))
  20. Plentiful food and wine, and comfortable Gite. I opted for the comfort and convenience of the Chalet Peg.
    Ended up with 17 Carp for the week, lost a further 6 for a variety of reasons, topping out at a 45lb 1oz Mirror Carp.

    (Posted on 2015-05-26 12:04:00 by Mark)
  21. Such a fantastic week! Greg & Nikki were the perfect hosts - very helpful and so lovely.
    The weather was great and fishing was successful and exciting!
    Gite is charming and the surroundings are so peaceful - exactly what we needed to relax! Loved driving around and seeing nearby areas - a lot to see and do if you're not spending the day at the lakes.
    Definitely looking forward to coming back!
    Nick, Penka, Granny, Sabrina, Ivo, Pammy & Arik the fluffy dog :)

    (Posted on 2015-04-11 12:07:00 by Nick, Penka, Granny, Sabrina, Ivo, Pammy & Arik the fluffy dog ()
  22. My wife Debbie and I are British expats living near High River, Alberta ,Canada for the past 13 years.
    We spent the month of March in the gite and had the time of our lives.
    It is said here lots of times and it is true, Greg and Nikki are wonderful hosts, very friendly and extremely helpful, from fishing advice,where to visit and where to shop !!
    It was a very relaxing break, the gite is very comfortable and well equipped.
    We made the mistake of telling our British family and friends that we were going there, so were inundated with them all, most at the last minute !!
    Nikki was absolutely fine with this and supplied all of the extra clean linen and towels on their arrival.
    Being a very keen pleasure fisherman for over 40 years, i was looking forward to being on the bank of a coarse fishing lake again, as there is not much coarse fishing in Canada. I couldn,t take much tackle with me due to room in my suitcase, so i had a 10ft telescopic rod, a reel and a few hooks and floats. Greg must have felt a bit sorry for me and next day he came round to the gite with an octoplus tackle box, bait can, keep net and even an old towel to wipe my hands, not many other places would go to those levels.
    As for the fishing, I didn,t quite know what to expect but it didn,t take us long to find out, literally on my first cast after a minute or two the waggler slipped away and a 2 pound Bream was soon on the bank, followed by quite a few more, with some Carp and even a Tench to follow not bad for a 2 hour session !!
    As i said earlier, i am a pleasure angler and never really had much over 10 pounds, I mentioned this to Greg and said how i would even just love to see something bigger, so the next day he set up his own rods on the specimen lake and asked 4 of us (by this time we had been joined by my daughter and son in law) to join him, after an hour of sitting on a couch (yes a couch on the bank) watching Greg catch Bream while he waited for the big guys, the bite alarm beeped then screamed away, Greg was up like a shot, hooked into the fish, then to my utter amazement, handed me the rod, i thought i had a small car on the other end !! it ended up being an amazing 27lb 12oz mirror Carp, a real fish of a lifetime. Next fish he handed to my son in law who brought in a 19 pounder.
    Every day we fished we caught fish, some days would be 20lbs or more in under 4 hours, other days would be a bit less but better quality Carp.
    I could say lots and lots more about Martins lakes but feel you need to go yourself and discover this amazing venue.
    A couple of tips.
    1; take advantage of the homemade honey and fresh free range eggs.
    2; Nikki can supply a wonderful 2 course meal for a very reasonable 15 euros pp.
    3; Greg will give you all the advice you need when you start fishing, but he will never "tell" you what to do, if you want to maximise your fishing time, listen very carefully to Greg and take all his advice.
    So Thanks Greg and Nikki it was amazing and hopefully will be back.
    PS , Greg i told you i wouldn,t mention the fishing match !!!!!
    Mez and Debbie Merricks 1/3/15 to 28/3/15

    (Posted on 2015-04-03 10:15:00 by Mez and Debbie Merricks (1-3-15 to 28-3-15))
  23. Where do I start....... Having been invited to join a friend who was revisting Martins Lakes for a 3rd time I have no expectations and being a keen match angler I had limited carp fishing experence. I have to say that from start to finish I had the time of my life! Greg and Nikki catered to our every need. I strongly advise taking the food option Nikki makes some amazing home cooked meals! We had the pleasure of staying in the Gite which was well equiped and home from home with a lovely morning view! we spent the entire week fishing the speci lake and even in the cold month of February I managed 24 Runs and 14 banked fish to 39lb 4oz's I have nothing but praise for the fish they are great sport absolutely flawless in apperance and condition a real testiment to how Greg and Nikki have managed the lakes. I certainly would love to return here in the near future many thanks again for such a fantastic time!

    (Posted on 2015-03-11 13:51:00 by Kurtis)
  24. Chris Carter 21-28 Feb

    Morning Greg/nikki

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for making our holiday so nice,it was great to see you both and I genuinely felt sad to be leaving.
    Nikki,your food was very nice,kurt commented to me how tasty all his dishes were.
    The fish were in immaculate condition,a credit to Greg.With the quality boilie you have in stock for this season lets hope the fish pack on the weight.
    For the record,the 39.04 mirror that kurt caught was the fish I caught twice last February at 38 +,I was surprised as I had thought it would have been over 40 after catching Trevor's mate at 6 pound heavier than when I caught him in August and 3 pound heavier than when Brian caught him last feb.

    We had 30 carp landed out of 46 runs ( I only lost 1 in the snags and 3 hook pulls ) kurt was fishing too far up the lake to land most of his takes.
    It seemed more prolific up the lake but generally the larger fish seemed to be down the dam end so I was more that happy to receive less action (apart from Sunday ,5 carp) but land larger fish.

    I'm hoping to return in November or late October if I can find someone to come with me.

    Hope you have a successful season and all keep well.

    Thanks again

    (Posted on 2015-03-07 11:04:00 by Kurt)
  25. Brilliant!!

    This was mine and 'Catfish' Simon's second trip to Martins lakes this year, and it really is a fantastic place to go! The setting is beautiful, it really is an amazing place on the specimen lake! On our previous visit, 'catfish' Simon had his best, (and only) catfish at 57lb. If you live anywhere in the West country I guarantee you will have heard about it, along with his 36.7lb carp!!

    This time around, we brought along Andy. Andy is a quiet, reserved old gentleman from the West country. He had the most fish and also commented on how nice the wildlife was, he saw a kingfisher, a grass snake and even a red squirrel. This was suprising as the weather was quite hot and he had his top off, which is enough to scare most things off!!

    I had a cheeky little 30lb carp, my PB, and 'catfish' lost another catfish!!

    Many thanks have to go to Greg and Nikki, absolutely fantastic hosts and two fantastic people!!

    We will be back and we all cant wait, a brilliant time had by all!!

    Iain, Simon, Andy

    (Posted on 2014-10-05 21:35:00 by Iain/Catfish Simon/Andy)
  26. Relaxing break for the ladies and great fishing in the Gite Lake for the boys!
    Weather great all week with a couple of thunderstorms at night thrown in.
    Fab food and thank you Nikki & Greg for being great host,
    John, Tracey, Terry & Pam

    (Posted on 2014-09-20 09:40:00 by John, Tracey, Terry & Pam (13 - 20 Sept 2014))
  27. Our second holiday with you, and once again, a fantastic time.
    The weather you laid on was gorgeous,
    Thank you for everything,
    The Wrens, Jane & Andy

    (Posted on 2014-09-13 10:58:00 by John, Caroline & Dave Wren, Jane & Andy (30 Aug - 13 Sept 2014))
  28. This has been a truly lovely experience here at Martins' Lakes. What a setting!!
    Somewhere we will talk about for a long time and somewhere we will come back to (hopefully sooner rather than later).
    Pizou on a Tuesday evening was a fab French experience – thank you Nikki & Greg for your lovely company. Speaking of which – wow- what gorgeous hosts – so friendly and warm, you made us all so at home.
    The gite is dreamy – we could easily stay here long term, it is so well equipped and the views are to die for!
    Fishing has been super. Lots quickly on the Coarse Lake and a little patience at Jungle Lake, and boy you get some crackers!!!
    See you next year,
    Duncan, Jackie, Louis & Joe :)

    (Posted on 2014-08-24 08:49:00 by Duncan, Jackie, Louis & Joe (16 - 23 Aug 2014))
  29. A lovely peaceful 12 days. Gite has all you need and fishing in Specimen Lake was excellent.
    Bergerac, Perigueux, Brantome, St Foy La Grande all nice places to visit; St Astier & Montpon good on market days.
    Greg & Nikki are always ready with help & advice if needed and their eggs & honey are lovely.
    We've seen deer, buzzards, storks, bats and even had a kingfisher sitting on the rods!
    If only more of the world was like this, thank you to the Martins x
    Robin & Sarah
    PS we even saw Greg without a hat!!

    (Posted on 2014-08-15 18:11:00 by Robin & Sarah (4th - 15th Aug))
  30. Specimen Lake - 19th - 26th July, 2014

    This was our second visit to Martin's Lakes (having fished Jungle Lake last year) and it certainly excelled our expectations. Over 6 days we caught 1,300 pound of fish! (Yes you did read that right) with over 50 Carp, 1 Zander and lots of quality Bream. Our goal for this trip was to beat our own personal bests (24lb & 28lb respectively) and maybe capture a thirty pounder. We would both have been more than happy with that. As it turned out we had an exceptional weeks fishing. Within a couple of hours I had landed my new personal best, a beautiful 40lb 13oz Mirror, and following a severe thunderstorm on Saturday night the fishing for the next few days was just unbelievable. Monday saw Tom capture his first 40lb'er (Split tail) in fact it was the same fish I caught on the Saturday! (see photos) although a few ounces lighter. At one stage the fish were coming in that fast that Greg had to suppy a third landing net as we just couldn't land them fast enough. The course of the week worked out as follows: 40lb's x 2 (same fish) Upper 30's x 6, Lower 30's x 2, Upper 20's x 7, Lower 20's x 15, Doubles x 19, SIngles x 4. - Oh, and we didn't do any night fishing!
    Again, we hired the main tackle from Gregg (supplying our own reels and terminal tackle) and I can assure you that it is quality gear. So don't hesitate about the hire package.
    And finally; The food package! Asbolutely outstanding quality (& quantity) - You don't move that far (or fast) after one of Nikkis meals.
    All in all, a fantastic 6 days fishing in beautiful surroundings with two of the nicest hosts you'll ever meet.
    Thanks again Gregg and Nikki for a wonderful holiday.
    We will hopefully see you both again soon.

    Many Thanks Roger (& Tom)

    (Posted on 2014-08-09 11:44:00 by Roger & Tom)
  31. Fantastic holiday with something for the whole family, the view, pool, fishing, wifi etc couldn't be faulted.
    Tim has had a grin a mile wide for 2 weeks while he caught more fish that he could have imagined - thanks Greg for your company, he has enjoyed it.
    When we could lure him away from the lake, Aubeterre-sur-Dronne was well worth a visit - great ice cream in the square, also Chateau Duras has lovely views.
    We are all returning home very relaxed.
    You have a superb setting and the peace and quiet has restored our batteries,
    Thank you
    Teresa, Tim, Morwenna & Kerenza

    (Posted on 2014-08-02 15:29:00 by Tim, Teresa, Morwenna & Kerenza (19 July - 2 Aug 2014))
  32. from Ivan and Denise 2014

    June was the MonthAnd the weather was brill, we fished the Jungle Lake in a superb setting fish A1 condition and so many different ways and differnt type of swims to try had around 35 Carp and one Tench, Lost hell of alot of fish (poor angling). But Dont be fooled its not all easy bleak bashing but not hard work either. Wild life in abundance from turtles/Teripns to a baby deer it never fail to keep us amused. The bull frogs copy the sound of your buzzers and there are at least three and they all get in compete with each other until these amazing sounds the are so loud they dont even seem to be coming from a frog. We went with the food package and it was great absolutly great. Nikky and greg well what can one say that as not been said already what a fab couple. Talk about bending over backwards if they had tryed to bend any further they would break could not do enough. Greg as a great deal of fishing knowledge and good advice to give and all for free without being in your face. Lovely couple lovely surroundings lovely lakes well kept and maintained. booked for specimen lake next year and looking forwards to cathing up withe Nikky and Greg again in 2015.

    All the best to a great couple have a great Christmas you lucky people

    Ivan and Denise

    (Posted on 2014-07-24 12:06:00 by Ivan and Denise Slack)
  33. 14th - 21st June 2014
    The 4 of us had an absolutely amazing week, totalling over 50 fish with the biggest being 34.5ib and many other 20's. The weather was gorgeous and the food was great. Nikki's cheesecake was the best we've ever tasted! This was our first trip to France and it certainly will not be our last. If you want a good size lake that doesnt require constant baiting but rewards you for hard work then this is definitely the place to go. Being family run, there was a fantastic friendly atmosphere and Greg and Nikki were so hospitable and went beyond expectations to please us and ensure we had a great fishing holiday. We will be back! (especially for the cheesecake) !!!!!!!!!

    (Posted on 2014-06-24 14:52:00 by Tiny and friends)
  34. 07 June - 14 June 2014
    Just returned from a fantastic 7 days at Jungle lake.
    Dont take any notice of reviews, how great the owners are or how great the fishing is...see for yourselves !
    The fishing is, even for a novice like me, superlative, (with some expert coaching from Greg, Thanks : )
    And as for the owners Nikki and Greg, what can we say that hasn't already been said? The nicest most professional and approachable hosts you are likely to meet . Great accomadation and Fabulous food.
    Nothing is too much trouble and all the facilities they offer (and others they dont), are second to none.
    If you are thinking of a fishing trip to France, dont think ..... Just book !
    And like us, you most definately will not be disappointed.
    Hope to see you both again soon
    Martin & Jayne

    (Posted on 2014-06-14 18:49:00 by Martin & Jayne Sleight)
  35. 1/2/14 - 8/2/14
    Fantastic holiday,Greg and nikki are lovely people who made me feel extremely welcome.
    The gite is perfect with everything you need.Nikki provided everything I wanted and more,it was so nice to have drinks and snacks waiting upon my arrival.
    The fishing on the specimen lake is fantastic and not difficult but always listen to gregs advice,he is such a knowledgable and friendly person,it was always great to see him on his visits to the lake.
    I cannot see how anybody would find any faults with anything Greg and nikki have to offer,a truly exceptional experience and I cannot wait to return.

    Fish caught 1 single,11 doubles,9 twenties and 3 thirties(one a repeat catch) plus several bream.Fishing approximately 8 hours during the day only.More than enough to keep me very happy.
    See you in August......

    (Posted on 2014-02-25 17:13:00 by Chris Carter)
  36. andy & jimmy 17-24 aug 2013 specimen lake

    well what can i say..............

    firstly the venue was stunning set in rolling countryside a perfect place to fish

    secondly the fishing was superb catching fish every day up to 35lb and totaling 1001lb in a week between 2 of us

    thirdly the food package was worth every penny tasty food and home cooked (nikki your a great cook)

    and finally we were so impressed we have booked for next year

    see you soon greg and nikki hope this time no trip to the doctors haha thanks again roll on next year andy and jimmy

    (Posted on 2013-10-24 19:10:00 by andrew bonomy)
  37. The first time here but not our last, can't fault Nikki & Greg. Fished the Gite Lake and the Specimen Lake which was ideal.
    Many thanks,
    Liz & Eddie

    (Posted on 2013-10-10 09:22:00 by Liz & Eddie (28 Sept - 5 Oct))
  38. Many thanks to Greg & Nikki for making us so welcome, it was especially nice arriving to a home cooked meal - great cooking Nikki :)

    We've been coming to the gite since 2007, with friends & family and have always enjoyed the peace and wonderful setting.

    Boys had a good week fishing, with the best fish of the week weighing in at 32lbs!

    Also, thanks for the use of the gite after the boys set off in the car - while we waited for our late flight, it was so nice to have somewhere to rest,

    John, Jane & James, Lou

    (Posted on 2013-09-16 12:48:00 by The Lumbs ( 7 - 14 September))
  39. Another lovely, relaxing visit to our home from home! First and only visit this time for 2013 but it was for 3 weeks! One week on Specimen Lake with one PB of 34lbs 6oz and 4 other 30's and numerous 20's.

    First fishing for Kayleigh who caught a bream as her first fish ever and then had a PB of a 9lb 2oz mirror carp from the gite lake - not bad for a 5 year old!

    We will be back,

    Keith, Lorna, Kayleigh & Roy, Brenda & Rob Prout

    (Posted on 2013-09-16 12:42:00 by The Prouts (10 - 30 August))
  40. Jungle Lake - 17th - 24th August 2013

    Beautiful venue(s)
    Gorgeous weather (perhaps too hot for fishing – average temp about 34C)
    Excellent quality of hired tackle (Rods, Bivvy, etc.)
    Added bonus of a spacious, clean caravan and toilet/shower facility.
    Bait and Groceries waiting for us on arrival.
    Nice quality fish. Fifteen Carp from 9lb to 23lb. The bigger one’s eluded us on this occasion, but they were definitely in there!
    Great hospitality from Gregg and Nikki – nothing was too much trouble.

    If you are thinking of spending a few days carp fishing in the south of France look no further than Martins Lakes.

    Merci beaucoup

    (Posted on 2013-08-26 08:16:00 by Roger & Tom)
  41. ......Just like coming home, being greeted so warmly, by Nikki & Greg. Every bit as tranquile and relaxing as we remembered.

    Frutiful & fulfilling fishing, total of 42 carp, up to 33lbs 10oz in five days.

    Good times to store in the memory bank,

    Dave & Joan (from Cornwall)
    Brian & Joyce (from Devon)

    (Posted on 2013-08-10 12:42:00 by Dave, Joan, Brian & Joyce (3 - 10 August))
  42. Fantastic stay again, beautiful weather & great fishing.
    Never tire of the view and the kids love the pool, we will be back again,
    Sonia, Gary, Samantha & Katie

    (Posted on 2013-08-03 13:28:00 by Sonia, Gary, Samantha & Katie (20 July - 3 August))
  43. WOW ................what more can we say , perfect holiday, best we`ve ever had , superb gite, has everything you need and more, super pool, gorgeous views ,john and andy got lots of fishing tips from gregg which led to loads of catching and enjoyment, i had never touched a fishing rod , but was inspired to give it a go, caught a 4 1/2 pound common carp on a float rod on my first attempt, loved every minute of the fishing , have now bought myself a rod . already booked our next stay next summer and can`t wait . nikki and gregg are the perfect hosts , a must do holiday. thank you

    (Posted on 2013-07-01 14:09:00 by caroline and johnwren and andy jones)
  44. What a fabulous week my husbands dream week - my dread, BUT will go again and again from a wife who has always hated fishing I loved every minute, fished, read books sun bathed visited local areas. BBQ next to the caravan and cheap French wine what more could we ask. The days we had Nikkis evening meals they were to die for. Really hot main meal straight from the oven, pudding, cream & custard bottle of Beer all delivered to us and washing up taken away. This is the life -IF YOU ARE NOT SURE---JUST PACK UP AND GO its a must.

    (Posted on 2013-06-16 10:06:00 by George & Gwen Shepherd)
  45. Best weeks holiday spent in France for 5 years.
    Gite - Home from Home, log burner great.
    Markets excellent, best one in Riberac.
    Over 50 fish and best bream fishing for a long time,
    Thanks Nikki & Greg,
    Will be in touch again,
    Ann & Mike

    (Posted on 2013-05-18 08:44:00 by Ann & Mike Wilson (11 - 18 May))
  46. Really lovely holiday.
    Gite has all you could need, all good for disabled father.
    Pete enjoyed his carp fishing.
    Good food & drink locally, so all good!
    Thanks so much,
    Pete, Bill & Sally

    (Posted on 2013-05-18 07:40:00 by Pete, Bill & Sally (4 - 11 May 2013))
  47. Had a fabulous week; such a relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings. Greg & Nikki very welcoming, friendly and helpful hosts.
    The gite was a real home from home - so comfortable and well equipped. Had a gorgeous meal at Le Barthome, cannot recommend it highly enough, and also Le Gabrinier near Moulin de Doulles.
    Joshua (8) doesn't want to go home and has had a ball with all the wide open space and fishing.
    Many thanks and we look forward to coming again.
    Justin, Emma & Joshua

    (Posted on 2012-09-21 13:32:00 by Justin Lewis & family (12 - 19 Sept 2012))
  48. It was lovely to be greeted with Nikki's thoughtful welcome tray, The gite was really well equipped (I don't think we have ever had a similar holiday where we haven't had to buy something for the kitchen, however small). The layout of the gite was perfect for Dave with his mobility issues & the beds were really comfy, it was also ideal to have 2 shower rooms. An absolute pleasure to have the pool right on the 'doorstep', set in such a peaceful & relaxing location.
    Brian & Dave have never had a fishing holiday like it, both catching personal bests - Dave landed a 30lb 13oz mirror & over the course of the holiday landed a total weight of 91lb 3oz, he was really pleased.
    Brian broke his PB 3 times with a 31lb 4oz common a 32lb 7oz mirror & a 39lb 2oz mirror, he also caught 6 more fish over 20lb & landed a total weight of 434lb 3oz, he couldn't have been more pleased.
    They both commented on the quality of the tackle they hired from Greg & would recommend anyone else to do the same. Greg's enthusiasm for fishing & his interest in how they were getting along was much appreciated.
    Of course the weather helped, giving us ample opportunity to laze by the pool, we were really pleased to take up Gregs suggestion of visiting St Foy & would certainly visit on market day again. Pizou was another suggestion & next time we might even stay & join in with the events of the evening.

    We all wish you continued success with Martins Lakes, it is certainly somewhere to re-visit, very best wishes Joan, Dave, Joyce & Brian.

    (Posted on 2012-09-05 13:14:00 by Joan & Dave, Joyce & Brian Statton (4 - 15 Aug 2012))
  49. Third year at Martins' Lakes - we have had a really great time again!
    Sunshine, rest and some carp. Simon's best 24lbs, mine (Pin Winner) 36lbs 5oz.
    Ladies loved it, booked for next year already. Thanks Greg & Nikki for a wonderful break from the UK!!!
    Alan & Maddie

    As always this lovely holiday never disappoints!
    We will be counting down the weeks until we can come back.
    Thank you Greg & Nikki
    Jane & Simon

    (Posted on 2012-09-01 08:07:00 by Alan & Maddie Yates and Jane & Simon Saint (25 Aug - 1 Sept 2012)
  50. Well it's the end of another fantastic holiday at Martins' Lakes.
    Weather fantastic and the fishing was great. Already looking forward to next year and thanks NIkki & Greg for your hospitality, first-class as always.
    Bye for now and see you all next time.
    Best wishes
    Keith, Lorna, Kayleigh, Roy & Brenda

    (Posted on 2012-09-01 08:03:00 by The Prouts (15 - 25 Aug 2012))
  51. First visit and certainly won't be our last! Gorgeous gite, pool and view. Beautiful weather.
    Nikki & Greg are lovely, fantastic with the kids. Kids loved feeding the chickens, meeting Rolo the goat and fishing, and not forgetting Max & Toby (the cats).
    Mum & Dad came out for the first week and stayed in the caravan at Jungle Lake very comfortably.
    Fishing was excellent - Gary got a PB of 36lbs 8oz mirror - very happy man! Our son, Jason, got a PB of 29lbs 3oz common.
    Altogether a fantastic holiday,
    Thank you
    Sonia, Gary, Jason, Samantha and Katie

    (Posted on 2012-08-04 11:57:00 by Sonia & Gary Robins and family (21 July - 4 Aug))
  52. Gite great, pool brill and John loved the fishing, so all in all, a great holiday.
    Thanks once again for your help over the car problem! It was great just knowing you were about to help with the French and other things as well!
    We will hopefully be back soon,
    Sandy and John

    (Posted on 2012-08-04 11:51:00 by Sandy & John Bloomfield (30 June - 7 July))
  53. Two lovely weeks at the gite, weather got better and better. Fishing really good and the peace & quiet and wildlife wonderful.
    Bourdeilles and Brantome well worth visiting, as are Perigueux on market day and Bergerac.
    Thanks Nikki & Greg for all your help and for a great holiday.
    Jim & Jean Palmer

    (Posted on 2012-07-02 12:05:00 by Jim & Jean (16 - 30 June 2012))
  54. Thanks Nikki & Greg - we all had a great week.
    Fishing started a bit slow but picked up later in the week. Four out of six of us all got personal bests, the biggest being 38lbs out of the Specimen Lake.
    Had a few good carp out of the Coarse Lake, also had a nice golden tench.
    Nikki & Greg were great hosts, very helpful and friendly.
    Weather was good most of the week,
    Thanks for a great week,
    See you again
    Sandra, Tony, Andy, Claire, Phil, Dan and Luke

    (Posted on 2012-06-13 15:25:00 by Sandra, Tony, Andy, Claire, Phil, Dan and Luke (2 - 9 June))
  55. Well, here we are again, the end of another fabulous holiday at Chez Martin, Nikki & Greg excellent hosts as always.
    It just gets better and better; weather really tested us this time, freezing when we arrived until Greg fired up the log burner and 40C the second week!
    Unfortunately, carp spawned in the Specimen Lake but we still managed to winkle some out - the biggest 35lbs 15oz (Trevor's mate). Fantastic sport fishing on the Gite Lake - its 'a bite a cast'.
    All the best and see you in 10 weeks.
    The Prouts

    (Posted on 2012-06-13 15:18:00 by The Prouts (18 May - 2 June))
  56. My third visit and it just gets better!
    This time I brought my son who has recently got into carp fishing. A fantastic week, despite lots of rain.
    My son was amazed by the whole experience - the fishing, the area, the gite and particularly the hospitality from Greg & Nikki.
    Thanks for making us feel so welcome,
    Best wishes
    John & James

    (Posted on 2012-05-05 09:04:00 by John & James (21 -28 April 2012))
  57. December 2011
    A fantastic gite in an awesome part of France, run by lovely people. The Martins are a great family and helped make our stay brilliant. I have to say that photos really can't pay the gite, woodland and lakes justice - they really are something else. We had great fun wildlife-spotting and learning how Greg meticulously manages the three lakes. We'll all miss the view from the gite down onto one of the lakes - and of course, walking back with full stomachs after the menu de jour at the Barthome in the village.
    Top notch - thanks for a great time!

    (Posted on 2012-01-04 13:44:00 by Kris (and family))
  58. What a find! Chris just came across this when googling 'fishing in the Dordogne'. We came to see it on our way to meet up with family, fell in love with it and booked there and then to spend our second week here. It has been everything we hoped for & more.
    We spent two nights sleeping down by the Specimen Lake where Chris caught his PB - 32lbs and to have the gite to come back to for comfort has been amazing.
    Love the pool too - what a bonus!
    Greg & Nikki are fabulous hosts, nothing is too much trouble.
    Thanks for a great week - see you next year
    Chris & Jacinta

    (Posted on 2011-10-15 10:04:00 by Chris & Jacinta (1 - 8th Oct 2011))
  59. An amazing holiday!
    A BIG thank you to Nikki & Greg for rescuing us from (holiday) homeless-ness.
    Our week has been much better than we could have possibly hoped for!
    The gite is perfect. Great view and a very comfortable bed.
    The fishing was fun; John beat his PB with three monsters - topping 33lbs.
    Nikki & Greg are great, very kind, lovely & fun people. Nikki's food is delicious - don't miss out!
    We will definitely be back next year
    Kate & John

    (Posted on 2011-10-15 10:00:00 by John & Kate (19 - 24 Sept 11))
  60. Thank you Nikki & Greg for a great week, a mixture of fishing, smiles and wine.
    Andrew took the honours with a 35lb carp whilst Alan & Simon lost loadsa bigger, much bigger fish! Well done Andrew - we will be back next year to try again!
    Don't tell too many people about Martins' Lakes otherwise they will all want to come,
    Maddie, Jane, Monica.....oh, and the carpers - Alan, Simon & Andrew

    (Posted on 2011-10-15 09:56:00 by Alan Yates (10-09-11))
  61. As always, Nikki, Greg, Sam & Emily (& Max) proved great hosts and good friends. Some top class fish and a spectacular storm all thrown in!
    We continue to look forward to our week with you all and are all and are already looking at 2012,
    Dave, Harry & Mike

    (Posted on 2011-10-15 09:52:00 by Dave, Mike & Harry (3-9-11))
  62. A huge thank you to Greg & Nikki - we have had an amazing week here and will certainly be back.
    Perfect for the boys to go fishing and the ladies to relax by the pool. It has been great knowing our 5 yr old can run free and be safe whilst having a great time
    Thank you for your recommendations for Lou's restaurant - 7 courses + wine for 12euros each! We visited Bordeaux which just ook over an hour and was well worth a visit, and St Emilion on the way back which was beautiful. Libourne also great for shops and lunch.
    The boys caught carp, bream, cat fish and tench - best to go when the sun isn't too hot.
    The gite is so very well stocked, we haven't needed a thing.
    Once again, a big thank you
    Toria, Graham, Hayley, Lee and Kiera

    (Posted on 2011-09-03 11:54:00 by Toria, Graham, Hayley, Lee & Kiera)
  63. This has been an extraordinary vacation, the gite facilities are fantastic. Exploring the land has been relaly enjoyable; the wildlife here is exquisite, the wildflower garden in absolutely gorgeous and blackberry picking has been fun. Thank you for such an amazing two weeks, full of excitement.
    Debbie, Chris, Max and Kate

    (Posted on 2011-09-03 11:49:00 by Dr Shilling and Family)
  64. WOW - Having never been much of a fisherman I can now see what all the fuss is about. What a wonderful introduction into the joy of carp fishing. Thanks Greg - you're a credit to your profession.

    (Posted on 2011-08-18 22:02:00 by Marcus Harrington)
  65. We have had a wonderful week here, relaxing and unwinding surrounded by this amazing countryside.
    Games of table tennis in the evening have been enlivened by the bat trying to take part!
    Greg, Nikki & their family are wonderful hosts,
    Thank you for our time here,

    Steve, Debbie, Sam, Jack & Katherine

    (Posted on 2011-08-13 11:59:00 by Steve, Debbie & family (23 - 30 July))
    Merci bien
    Tim Knight & Marion
    Editor of Anglers Mail

    (Posted on 2011-07-16 07:00:00 by Tim & Marion (9 - 16 July 2011))
  67. Thanks once again for such a lovely holiday. You really have become good friends to us all.
    Fishing was unreal! Fantastic week - 30+ fish, largest: mirrors 41lbs 14oz & 31lbs 6oz and common 29lbs 8oz.
    Home from home, see you again in September,
    The Prouts

    (Posted on 2011-07-16 06:56:00 by The Prouts (25 June - 9 July 2011))
  68. Thanks for making our stay a joy, lovely gite and great fishing
    Geoff, Hazel & John

    (Posted on 2011-07-16 06:53:00 by Geoff & Hazel (4 - 11 June 2011))
  69. not long been home from 18 days with greg and nicky at martins lake, we had a fantastic time both fishing and relaxing. fishing first was so so good 81 fish in 9and half days what more can you ask for had a blinding time the best was a 39.10 mirror with loads more to add to the list. we had time to relax by the pool which was heaven looking down on the small lake enjoying the deer and sheep and all the other wildlife around you no one overlooking you just PERFECT. the food was to good to be true nicky did us so proud , all i can say if any one is thinking of a top fishing holiday this is just the place you couldnt ask for a nicer couple than greg and nicky whom we thank very much for making not just our hols a good one but our honeymoon which we had one to rember and we will defo returne plus we made such good friends with (MAX) the cat who we are missing to . well love to you both and thank you both so very much love tash and bob. xxxxxxxx

    (Posted on 2011-06-06 18:30:00 by tash and bob)
  70. Just come home from a week at a little venue called Martins Lakes down in the Southish part of France near Limoges.

    I always think credit where its due so this is to let you guys know about it. Its not an advert, just feedback.

    The lake was mint, the owner, Greg Martin was ultra laid back and welcoming and the fish were lovely. Had em to just under 40 and in mint condition. The lake was easy fishing, the bottom was hard sand and silt and the features were big snags and reed islands which were ideal. It was hot, clean, there was even a bait kitchen for cooking our own particle up and overall we had about 40 fish in a week. As we went with the girls and spent the evenings in the gite (which was again excellent) we could have probably / possibly had the bigger fish out but it wasnt hardcore angling, more of a few beers and put em out there style.

    Anyway Id recommend it. Nice positive feedback and a good place to go especially for a family or couples. Cheap too.

    Tight lines,


    (Posted on 2011-02-12 19:30:00 by Jack & Amanda)
  71. Thanks as always for a wonderful holiday - our second holiday here this year!
    Two PBs for Keith this time 24lb 4oz mirror carp from the Specimen Lake and 14oz rudd from the Gite Lake.
    Already booked for next year just in case the secret gets out in the UK!
    Keith, Lorna & Kayleigh

    (Posted on 2011-01-12 16:38:00 by The Prouts (Sept 10))
  72. Thank you Greg & Nikki for a memorable weeks holiday in a super setting. Andrew landed a PB of 41lbs - I hooked 3 x 30lbs+ fish in three casts. Monica got very brown and Maddie had a deserved rest.
    We will be back next year,
    Alan, Maddie, Andrew & Monica
    PS thank you for the birthday cake

    (Posted on 2011-01-12 16:34:00 by Alan Yates (Sept 10))
  73. Thanks Nikki & Greg for the weather, warm welcome, we have enjoyed our break from the UK. It was nice to go out and try the local food and drink and we hope to see you again in the near future,
    Ken, Sue, Josh, Caitlin & Vicky

    (Posted on 2011-01-12 16:32:00 by The Maguire Family (Aug 10))
  74. Had a memorable week. Many thanks to Greg for helping Rob with his first fishing outing.
    All the family enjoyed fishing and everyone had a catch or two.
    Very comfortable and lovely gite in wonderful setting,
    Hope to return
    Sue, Brian, Rob & Anna

    (Posted on 2011-01-12 16:29:00 by The Tate family (Aug 10))
  75. Nikki & Greg, thank you for making us so welcome. Lovely gite and wonderful location, scenery fantastic.
    We will be back, maybe sooner that you think,
    Jennie & Nina

    (Posted on 2011-01-12 16:27:00 by Jennie & Nina (Aug 10))
  76. Brilliant. Greg & Nikki - thank you for making us so welcome. The gite was excellent, the location ideal and the fishing was fun. Carp to 38lbs and a good few 20's to boot. Mornings were the best time.
    The local restaurant is well worth a bash, and the market was a nice morning out.
    All in all a terrific week and its made for fond memories.
    Jack & Lisa, Andy & Amanda

    (Posted on 2011-01-12 16:25:00 by Andy & Amanda (July 10))
  77. Our third visit here and most definitely not our last! We have all really enjoyed ourselves once again. Roy had a PB of 40lbs 3oz mirror carp and Keith a PB of 28lbs 14oz and were both made up! Roy even had a 10lbs 3oz carp from the gite lake on our last day.
    Thanks to Nikki, Greg, Sam and Emily for making us feel so welcome and for all the fishing advice. You have all become real friends,
    See you again, hopefully quite soon
    Keith, Lorna & Kayleigh
    Rob & Brenda

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:47:00 by The Prouts (July 10))
  78. Lovely gite, enjoyed every moment from the wildlife to the sunsets. Lovely jogging in the area. Greg & Nikki had lots of information on French life and were considerate to our privacy.
    Cats came round for a friendly pat. Very peaceful and quiet place to stay.
    Lorraine & Gerry

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:43:00 by Lorraine & Gerry (May 10))
  79. Our third time here and it just keeps getting better.

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:40:00 by The Lancasters (Oct 09))
  80. Thanks for a great holiday. We found the gite to be charming and very comfortable with everything you could ever need for your stay. The fishing at Specimen Lake was fantastic and hectic to say the least. We caught big (29lbs) and small (2lbs) alike, and enjoyed every one!
    My son also enjoyed catching his first fish at the gite lake. Overall, we found the area absolutely breathtaking and hope to be back soon maybe even to live.
    Congratulations on making your life in France, and our holiday experience a success.
    Many thanks
    Keith Judd & Party

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:36:00 by The Judd family)
  81. Pleasure to meet Greg & Nikki, accommodation excellent with everything we needed.
    Fishing in the Specimen Lake excellent (will be back). visited St Emilion for the day - lovely place, ate on the market square.
    Have spent a lot of time over the years in and aroung Montpon and always seem to be drawn back,
    See you again soon
    Mike & Carol

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:19:00 by The Gallimores (June 09))
  82. Great gite in a great location. Good fishing, wonderful home cooking which Nikki & Greg were always willing to provide at a time and place of our choosing!
    Lovely people who made us feel very welcome and we are certain to return
    Dave, Harry & Mike

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:17:00 by 3 Fishermen)
  83. A wonderful 2 weeks spent relaxing on the terrace, reading, talking, strolling round the lake, meeting good and dear friends and visiting familiar places. We leave with batteries recharged!
    A bientot,
    Andrea & Terry

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:15:00 by Terry & Andrea (Sept 08))
  84. Fantastic place, fantastic hosts. A little piece of heaven on earth.
    Excellent pleasure fishing on small lake - had carp to 7lbs. As Arnie says 'wait here, I'll be back'.
    Just one thing, Greg could you please get some saddles for those carp in the Specimen Lake!
    Keith, Lorna & Kayleigh

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:13:00 by The Prouts (Sept 08))
  85. The gite was beautiful, pool great fun and views fantastic.
    Josh (11) caught the biggest fish I have ever seen - 34.5lbs!! Matt, on his birthday, caught a 24lbs carp.
    Greg & Nikki were so helpful - thanks. A special thanks to Greg for giving the boys so much of his time and knowledge.
    Sue, Ken, Matt, Vicky, Josh & Caitlin

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:10:00 by The Maguires (Aug 08))
  86. Our second visit, had a fantastic time. Gite & setting even better that we remembered
    Bar/restaurant in the village is worth a visit, take a torch if you intend walking back!
    Specimen Lake fished well & everyone managed a 20lb+ fish - the best was 36lbs.
    Greg & Nikki superb hosts, you must try their fresh eggs.
    The boys had a brilliant time, so much space to roam,
    Wayne, Debs, Tom & Ben
    Stuart & Emma

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:07:00 by The Garnett family ( Aug 08))
  87. Our second stay here in this beautiful gite and once again we have all had an amazing time. We have loved the quiet, the star-filled skies, the beautiful views and watching the wild deer.
    The children have loved swimming in the pool, running around in the huge, open space, lizard watching and of course Max and Toby cats.
    We couldn't have felt more welcome - this is truely a special place.
    Thank you
    Emma, Jay, Jude, Zebedee & Anouk

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:03:00 by The Day family)
  88. We have enjoyed a short but very sweet stay at Martins' Lakes. A beautiful gite in tranquil surrounding. We look forward to visiting again
    Thank you for your hospitality
    Linda, Samuel, Hayley & Eva

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 16:00:00 by The Evans family (Aug 08))
  89. Six weeks of great weather, fantastic fishing and excellent hospitality. The gite has everything you could ask for - a real home from home.
    Poppy, our dog, had the time of her life and even made friends with Max (the cat). I had the best fishing of my life and will come back to get the 'Mobys' I couldn't catch. Greg & Nicola really went the extra mile to make our stay as enjoyable as possible - their love for this part of the world is contagious, we will definitely be back.
    Graeme, Elizabeth & Poppy

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 15:58:00 by The Macalastairs (June - July 08))
  90. A brillian holiday, Barthome is an excellent restaurant and they speak English. It was very relaxing to sit in the pool and watch the deer whilst trying out the local wine.
    Lovely walks and George discovered the joy of angling with great success and is now hooked on fishing!
    Claire, Gary, George & Amy

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 15:54:00 by The Hicks family (May 08))
  91. We all had a fantastic time. Superb fishing in wonderful surroundings. 3 in-experienced fishermen, thanks to Greg's expert coaching, caught 209lbs of big carp.
    St Emilion was a brilliant day out.
    Velda, Nick, Alex, Matt & Sam

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 15:51:00 by The Wright family)
  92. A delightful stay. Great fishing, great gite, great host.....we will be back!
    Tony & Phyllis

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 15:49:00 by Tony & Phyllis (Oct 07))
  93. Lovely gite, photos on the website don't do it justice. Perfect positioning for a glass or two of local wine, sitting on the patio watching the sun go down. Neither of us have fished before but when an enthusiastic friend joined us for a few days, Philip caught a huge bream in the coarse lake! It is a beautiful walk round the Specimen Lake, watching fish jumping!
    Vineyards - wow! Perfect time now - just before the harvest. Spent a fabulous afternoon at the Chateau Masburel in Fougueyrolles (near St Foy La Grande). St Emilion just beautiful, best lunch ever at Le Clos du Roy there.
    Nicola & Greg really great hosts, really genuine people, mildly envious of their life! Max the cat is the icing on the cake.
    Fabulous time - we will be back!
    Jessica & Philip

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 15:48:00 by Jessica & Philip (Sept 07))
  94. Lovely gite, comfortable and stunning view that you would never tire of.
    Whole area is lovely and relaxing. Spent a few days fishing mornings and evenings on the Specimen Lake - caught loads, including some very large ones......all in a scenic setting.
    One of the most relaxing holidays we can remember and Nicola & Greg were great was Max the cat.
    Restaurant in village is excellent. As for touring, St Emilion is really nice but Brantome is stunning. Everlasting memory is having BBQ with friends, in sunshine, overlooking lovely countryside.......couldn't be better.
    Jane & John
    Rob & Mary

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 15:41:00 by The Lumbs (Sept 07))
  95. The gite is superb and well furnished even down to the selection of books1
    The lake at La Jemaye is a must and for olde worlde archtecture Bergerac is worth a visit, we also went on the river boat ride there.
    Nicola & Greg are great hosts, very helpful and considerate to privacy.
    Specimen Lake for large carp fantastic and in a magical setting
    Sallyanne, Mark & Toni

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 15:37:00 by Sallyanne & Mark (Sept 07))
  96. What a fantastic place. The gite is superb, comfortable, very clean and stylish - we all loved it.
    Greg & Nikki are superb hosts and we wish them every success.
    The small lake is great - but once you've tried the Specimen Lake there is no going back! Night fishing is brilliant - Greg is so knowledgeable & helpful. Our 14 year old pulled out a 31lb carp! This is the perfect holiday for outdoor children.
    Lac de la Jemaye is worth a visit, beach, lake, forest walks and a small bar!
    Local baker and butcher also worth a visit to sample local produce.
    Thank you for a fantastic holiday!
    Wayne, Deb, Tom & Ben
    Stu & Emma

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 10:34:00 by The Garnett family (Aug 2007))
  97. Beautiful gite, clean, stylish and a welcome relief after our journey - thank you!
    Fishing was better in the late afternoons and early evenings. The kids loved catching things and even the daytime fishing kept them busy and happy.
    Touring - St Emilion is lovely, an up-market tourist town. But if you want the road train tour, then book upon arrival as they are busy.
    Lac de la Jemaye - lake for swimming is clean, parking is free, food is decent and the woodland walk is lovely. Worth spending a day or two here.
    Thanks again

    (Posted on 2010-12-21 10:29:00 by Janet R & Family (Aug 2007))

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